Offered exclusively by Cardinal, Satori™ Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printing is an exclusive process that can be used to create visually arresting glass designs. The Satori process utilizes digital printing to apply fine drops of ceramic ink to glass surfaces at precise frequency and speed, according to a defined resolution up to 800×800 DPI. The ink, or frit, is then fused with the glass during a firing/tempering process.

The result is vivid, full-color imagery that is more resistant to chemicals, scratching, UV light, and weathering than conventional glass-coloring processes.

Satori creates decorative glass pieces that can be used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications, including storefronts, accent walls, kitchen and bath, public displays, and more. After the frit is fused with the glass, the final enamel will not show any visually detectable color change or fading due to prolonged exposure to the outdoors. In addition, customers can safely use the same glass cleaners on Satori printed glass as conventional glass pieces.

Optional Features

Cardinal S-Curve

The Cardinal S-Curve glass design features a sleek and sophisticated look that adds a unique style. S-Curve Glass is available in our full range of 1/4” or 3/8” glass patterns, or custom sizes can be made available. The glass overlaps 1” to 3”. Custom etching can be applied for an even more dramatic look that highlights the curve.

Cardinal 10

Cardinal 10 Surface Protection provides an easy-clean, non-stick surface that repels both water and oils. The treated glass is extremely resistant to damage, etching, or stains caused by various minerals, soaps, chemicals, and other harmful materials. Cardinal 10 provides customers an extra layer of durability that saves cost on maintenance and cleaning for peace of mind.

Glass Options

Colored Glass

Patterned Glass